Hi, I’m Carla... a smiler, daydreamer and doodler from Derby and my small business Love Lalaland is a cute and colourful world, where anything is possible! My rainbow-tastic designs are influenced by pop-culture, Kawaii style and cartoon-like fun and made with positive pink power to spread good vibes and #LalalandLove.
I believe that everyone has a special unique power with an important mission in life, here’s mine…
I’m a 70s baby, whose favourite things were smiling, daydreaming and making a mess either drawing or cutting and sticking. I would also sleep with my colouring book and crayons under my pillow, just in case, I woke up with a new idea.
In the early days, I used to love making cards for my family. Seeing their faces when they opened them. This was, and still is the best feeling in the world!
Even though I got an E in GCSE Art I went to West Notts College in Mansfield and I came to Derby University in 1995. I loved it here so much I decided to stay and make it my happy home.
Fast forward a good few decades, I had climbed the corporate ladder working in Communications and Design for over 20 years. I ended up in management but missed being creative so I went back to doing what I loved, working in design… but deep down it wasn’t enough.
One night, on maternity leave, while my husband was out training for a marathon and the kids were tucked up in bed…. I was all alone. It was dark and quiet with just the glow of the computer screen when somehow I’d managed to lock myself out of my email account.
I was prompted by the 'What is your dream job?' security question, and the answer was ‘Greetings card designer’ and that’s is when it hit me like a bolt of lightning... I realised I wasn’t following my dreams… it was at that moment that Love Lalaland was born!
Since then I’ve been busy perfecting my craft, finding my own unique style and pursuing my passion while working part-time as a graphic designer and being a mum to 2 awesome kids.
The best bit is being part of the creative community in Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire. I love supporting other small businesses and it’s great to meet like-minded people who have become good friends.
I also enjoy helping out in my local community in Spondon with various voluntary projects and generally just doing good things for a happier world.
Please say ‘hi’ and join me on my creative adventures… 🌈💖
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