My idea for the mural submission for Déda Derby Dance called 'Transformation' based on the crazy Covid world that we have all found ourselves living in together and the hope of a brighter future.
The story begins with the 'Stay at Home' message and how we adapted to the 'new normal' and started to enjoy the little things in life, like taking up a new hobby, baking, reading, the endless zoom chats, working from home and looking after our mental health.
The rainbow represents hope and signifies the symbol of our NHS heroes and key workers who carried on working throughout the pandemic to provide essential care.
Daily exercise and outdoor areas became our sanctuary and we started to notice the value and appreciate nature’s beauty in our local areas during these uncertain times and the rollercoaster symbolises the ups and downs a lot of us were going through.
Now there's seems to be light at the end of the tunnel and soon places that we love and enjoy will open and we will be together again.
We will be able to go to restaurants, pubs, theatres, nightclubs eventually go on a much needed holiday in the UK or abroad and do that one special thing that we all miss... hug our friends and family we haven't seen in a very long time.
So we must keep going, have hope because good times are ahead.
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